domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

1964 março Nancy Scott


Diagnosis: Delightful

our march medicine girl is a sure cure for what ails you

Accustomed as we are to finding doctors' offices adorned with Winslow Homer prints and ancient copies of National Geographic, we were pleasantly surprised to discover one graced with the lissome presence of Miss Nancy Scott, whom we subsequently coaxed into gracing this month's gatefold as our March Playmate. This hazel-eyed medical technician was born, bred and now resides in the environs of Hollywood, but eschews starlethood, aspiring instead to a no-less-challenging career of interior decoration. A delightful decoration herself, 22-year-old Nancy is a graduate of Verdugo Hills High in suburban Los Angeles, whence she entered the medical metier via a local university training course. "Up to a point," Nancy told us perceptively, "medicine is an interesting field for a girl. "I've already worked for several doctors, and plan to keep moving, since working for different men is a continuing education. The one drawback is that there's little opportunity for advancement -- since I have no chance of ever being a doctor. That's why I hope to go into interior decorating.'" Nancy shares an apartment in Inglewood, a decorative flair, and an interest in things medical with her mother, a registered nurse. Both are furniture fanciers; one of Nancy's proudest possessions is an oak coffee table she recently restored and refinished, and which now graces her jade-accented Oriental bedroom. When not decorating, this 5'6" charmer likes to read Faulkner ("I think most of it eludes me") and Steinbeck ("He's easier"). In self-appraisal, Miss Scott says: "Though I'm sometimes busier than I'd like to be, I find time to enjoy paintings, men and Manhattan -- Manhattan Beach, California, that is." Though Nancy has no immediate intention of leaving the Golden State, she hopes that someday Mr. Right will whisk her off to a new life far from Hollywood. Until then, Nancy is content with the Pacific Coast scene, and based upon her Playmate appearance, we'd say the Pacific Coast should be equally happy with Nancy.
Photography by Ron Vogel

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