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1962 Outubro Laura Young



Queen of Clubs

swinging laura young scores as our october playmate

While out Sunday driving on a suburban golf course recently, we discovered a young charmer whose stance and style awakened our interest in tee-for-two outings: She's Laura Young, an ardent golfer and our October Playmate. Brown of hair and green of eye, country-clubbing Laura is strictly a play-for-kicks girl -- while making the rounds her spirits are as high as her customary score ("I did shoot a 72 the other day," she confided to us. "Of course, that was before I reached the sixth green."). But no matter how she slices it, her classic form -- a striking 36-25-36 -- is sufficient to quell the critic in any man, ourself included.
Lovely Laura was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, 24 years ago; during her youth she lived the nomadic life of a Navy dependent as she and her family followed the steps of her stepfather -- a line lieutenant -- from Miami to the Panama Canal to Key West to Red Bank, New Jersey, where she settled down long enough to win her high school diploma and then undertake breadwinning chores as a telephone operator and nurse's aide. Following the sage advice of observant friends, who felt that the artful arrangement of her 125 pounds on her 5'6" frame should make her a sure click as a model, she moved on to Chicago a few months ago in quest of a pretty-as-a-picture career.
A girl who is endowed with refreshingly unpretentious tastes, Miss October confesses a secret addiction to True Confessions magazine ("I guess I enjoy reading about other people's problems because I don't seem to have any of my own"), flips for such Art Linkletter books as "Kids Say the Darndest Things!" ("Maybe it sounds corny, but I happen to like children") and digs Bobby Darin's brash belting, Ben Casey's surly scowl, Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers and heaping helpings of all foods Italian. She also goes in big for painting ceramics, dating a long list of admirers ("My only requirement in men is that they be fun to be with -- I can't stand fellows with moody or sleepy personalities") and, of course, pursuing her carefree country-club sport of letting the chip shots fall where they may.
Having lamped Playmate Laura's fair ways on the fairways, we promptly persuaded her to tee off her modeling career by becoming this month's Playmate. For an "intime" view of lithesome Miss October, a swinging golfer of proportions, unfold the foldout, whence she smiles hello to Young lovers everywhere.
Photography by Pompeo Posar

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