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1962 Julho Unne Terjesen


Super Salesgirl

an over-the-counter brief encounter nets us our july playmate

When Pamela Anne Gordon appeared as Miss March this year, Playboy staffers and readers alike were pleasantly alerted to the Playmate potential of Canadian north-of-the-border girls. For our Miss July, we once again chose a choice denizen of Vancouver, British Columbia: her name is Unne Terjesen and she was brought to our attention by sharp-eyed counter spies who spotted her working as a salesgirl in a downtown department store. Those who judge this statuesque (5'7") and honey-haired miss a perfect Nordic phototype do so with good reason, for 19-year-old Unne was born and raised in the village of Odda, Norway, where she worked as a hair stylist, won several local beauty shows and in 1960 was a comely runner-up in the Miss Norway contest.
Two years ago she, her parents and three older brothers set sail for Canada and a home-away-from-home in Vancouver; once settled in this beauty-blessed city, our well-rounded traveler (39-23-39) took up her current soft-sell chores. Not surprisingly, indigo-eyed Unne is fond of wintry sports such as skiing and skating; she also has an improbable penchant for full-throttle jaunts through the Canadian countryside at the helm of her brother's Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
She's an amateur painter, is swayed by Sinatra's swinging, and prefers dating personable guys with a sense of humor (nothing depresses her more than sobersided types who can't give or take a joke). Hopefully, the future holds more in store for her than stores: Says Miss July, "Right now, I have three ambitions -- to become a successful model, to own a shiny new black Mercedes-Benz convertible, and to travel, especially to see the skyline of New York." For an even more inspiring silhouette, we recommend a perusal of the accompanying gatefold.
Photography by Mario Casilli and Ken Honey

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