segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1961 Novembro Dianne Danford



Venus with Arms

fresh cause for thanksgiving, our sharpshooting miss november

The well-known adage that in Hollywood the improbable is a strong possibility was never more agreeably demonstrated than by our discovery there of November Playmate Dianne Danford. We found her merrily potting clay pigeons at a skeet range. Dianne -- a 23-year-old, emerald-eyed, honey-tressed, fresh-visaged fair belle to arms -- gets herself to a gunnery for sweet sessions of not-so-silent skeet shooting whenever she can break away from her workaday chores modeling the latest in bathing regalia, for which her 5'7", 120-lb. frame is perfectly suited. Living with her mother, father and brother close by Hollywood's celluloid dream factories, Dianne presents a pretty paradox -- she couldn't care less about getting her face and form before a movie camera. Her main ambition is to middle-aisle it with a Prince Charming who is tall, considerate and, Dianne candidly admits, rich. Happily engauged in perfecting her already delightful form, our deadeye chick, who shucked Chicago's intemperate temperatures three years ago for California's more salubrious shores, proves a quick draw for masculine admirers (she scores 36-22-35). There is more to DD's life than the shell game, however; although she sheepishly confesses an inordinate appreciation of Fabian records, she also digs such divertissements as painting, water skiing and lazily lolling about the hearth. Apropos the latter, a flip of the page will give your eyes cause for Thanksgiving -- our gamin gamestress keeping her powder dry atop a tiger pelt, a timeless enigma in her mischievous eyes: who is the hunter, and who the hunted?
Photography by Mario Casilli

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