segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1961 março Tonya Crews


Playmate Without Reservation

indian-maiden miss march is a modern-dance delight

Our raven-tressed, delightfully-undressed Miss March, born and bountifully bred in Oklahoma, is part Choctaw, once lived on a Navaho and Hopi reservation in Arizona. Curvaceous Tonya Crews could hardly be expected to hide her assets (37-22-36) under a Navaho blanket, however, and it wasn't very long before she cut out and started to carve a career for herself as a dance teacher in Hollywood. Tonya is currently deep in the choreographic intricacies of a jazz dance concert which our enterprising maiden intends also to produce and appear in. After all that jazz, she has big eyes to open her own dance studio. If and when she does, we, and our two left feet, will apply for lifetime membership. When she's not atwirl, Tonya gets her kicks from strumming a bass guitar, harbors a secret ambition to be a mathematician. With her figure, that just doesn't figure.
Photography by Mario Casilli

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