segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1961 Junho Heidi Becker


Girl in a Whirl

our miss june is milwaukee's favorite dear

One of the happiest events that ever occurred in Milwaukee -- though it netted no headlines -- was the arrival four years ago of Austrian import Heidi Becker. A strudel-sweet sixteen and be-dirndled Tyrolean dreamboat even then, June's gemutlich Playmate has since become very much the sheathed and toreadored All-American girl. Our Wunderkind, who earns her daily bread as a coif stylist, goes effortlessly from curling hair to turning heads, thanks to a pair of flashing green eyes and a fetching fuselage. Heady Heidi digs dancing (of the post-Strauss variety), enjoys skiing in winter (she's been schussing since she was knee-high to a beer stein), savors summertime swimming (she's a crack backstroker), goes in big for carnivals (carrousels delight her), and has acquired a year-round taste for awesome quantities of pizza (cheese and sausage, hold the anchovies), a proclivity which obviously has had no adverse effects on the tape measure (latest reading: 36-22-34).
Photography by Mario Casilli

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