segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1961 Dezembro Lynn Karrol


She Floats Through the Air

parachuting playmate lynn karrol is our heavenly body for december

If you're looking for a girl with both feet on the ground, look elsewhere, for December's air-borne miss, Lynn Karrol, is smitten with the life aloft -- at least part of the time. She's a lissome 22-year-old ex-Pittsburgher transplanted to Manhattan, has held a pilot's license since she was 16 and has recently taken up the exhilarating sport of skydiving (she's logged nine jumps so far). Miss Karrol's somewhat singular avocation has not been plucked out of thin air: her father owns a small flying field on the edge of Pittsburgh and Lynn returns there several weekends a year to perfect her technique. When she isn't hitting the silk, she's donning it -- as a fashion and television model. Lynn acquired her mannequin's poise at a Pittsburgh finishing school; after graduating, she stayed on to teach her newly acquired social skills (make-up, styling, speech, etc.) to fledgling models. Our richly endowed (35-22-35) airess doesn't always have her saffron-coiffed head in the clouds: she'd love to use her growing number of modeling credits as a springboard to the movies. Lynn suspects that a film contract might put an end to her skydiving diversions. Until then, however, she'll rate as our favorite fall girl.
Photography by Frank Eck

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