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1960 Janeiro Stella Stevens


Dogpatch Playmate

miss january has an important part in hollywood's "li'l abner"

Stella Stevens, an eye-filling inhabitant of Southern California, was summoned thence from Tennessee to test for the lead in a film about Jean Harlow, but the movie never came off and bella Stella had to content herself with so-so assignments in Say One for Meand The Blue Angel, films in which she appeared fleetingly and rather out of focus in the B.G., which is script talk for background, not Benny Goodman.
At this propitious moment Playboy was prospecting the hoopla hills of Hollywood for Playmates and we came upon fair Stella, deemed her delightful to behold, and invited her to pose for our famous center spread. While the Playboy lensman was snapping away, the phone rang, and on the other end was great and giddy news for Miss Stevens -- she had plucked one of the acting plums of the year, in the film version of the hit musical, Li'l Abner, playing Appassionata von Climax, the role created on Broadway by Tina Louise. We've become accustomed to girls' making good in the movies, TV, and on the stage after their Playmate appearances, but this was a new twist. Looks like 1960 will be a twinkling year for Miss January, whose first name, we just remembered, means star.
Photography by Don Ornitz and Frank Schallwig

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