segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1960 Dezembro Carol Eden


Christmas Carol

frolicking in the snow or basking by the fire's glow, our playmate's a winter wonder

It is news to nobody that the editors of this journal are dedicated indoor men, especially when the winds of winter blow. Save for some skiing, we're frankly loath to poke about in the cold, feeling firmly that ice in all its forms belongs only in a drink. It took a blonde, bubbly, blue-eyed bundle by the name of Carol Eden to set up some doubts in our mind. Carol's an unabashedly outdoor miss who loves to frolic in the white, flaky stuff, and even got us to thinking that building a snowman might be fun, maybe even tossing a snowball or two -- as long as she would play too. But we finally snapped out of it and realized that our predilection for the great indoors was the correct one after all. So we invited Carol to step inside and become our Playmate for the Yuletide, get all warm and cuddly by the fire, hang up her Christmas stocking and wait for Santa.
Photography by William Graham

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