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1959 Setembro Marianne Gaba


A Cover Girl Uncovers

her face is her fortune, but there's hidden treasure too

If the face is familiar, it is because Marianne Gaba's cute countenance has appeared on countless magazine covers across the country, especially the romance and movie fan publications which chronicled, in considerable detail, her recent "going steady" with teenage heart-throb Ricky Nelson. Marianne is a starlet in Hollywood, concentrating on what she hopes will be a successful movie career, with just enough spare time to satisfy the lensmen who shoot those magazine cover portraits, but up till now insufficient attention has been given to the rest of the Gaba goodies. This may seem peculiar, too, since it was surely the sum total of Marianne that won for her the Miss Illinois title in the Miss Universe contest two years ago and first took her to Hollywood, but it can be explained by Marianne's reluctance to be typed as "just another bathing beauty" and her corresponding refusal to pose for any of the West Coast's hundreds of pin-up photographers. She has made an exception for Playboy, however, for which we're mighty grateful, and so we proudly present something more of Marianne Gaba than has ever graced a magazine before, in the fetching form of Miss September.
Photography by Lawrence Schiller

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