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1959 Junho Marilyn Hanold


By George, a Girl Named Charlie

gobel's guitar girl becomes miss june

You'll be glad to learn that Charlie's name isn't really Charlie at all. Her real name is Marilyn Hanold. But in his nightclub act, dirty-bird George Gobel is in the habit of explaining that he employs an assistant who does nothing else but chaperon his guitar; then he turns to the wings, yells "Charlie!" and scantily-dressed, hazel-eyed Marilyn makes her stunning entrance. Marilyn also put in an appearance in the Gobel film, The Birds and the Bees, in which she played a particularly tasty comb of honey. When she's not performing with George, she's indulging her taste for such hectic hobbies as hunting and water-skiing. These rugged avocations notwithstanding, Miss Hanold has a completely feminine interest in dating dashing young males. In her professional life, although she has played a variety of roles, she has invariably been type-cast as a girl. This was good thinking, we feel, so we have emulated it by choosing her for the part of an abundantly girl-style Miss June.
Photography by Bruno Bernard

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