segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1959 Janeiro Virginia Gordon


Girl Who Wears Glasses

librarian virginia gordon: special edition in a deluxe binding

Playboy has garnered Playmates from many walks of life, but a whiskered old prejudice about the plainness of librarians, as well as a Dorothy Parker couplet about girls who wear glasses, have hitherto prevented us from scouting the libraries of our land in search of gatefold glamor. A little unbiased cogitation, of course, should have led us to the conclusion that there's no reason why a librarian can't be as lovely as any other lass, as dewy as a decimal system, as stacked as the stacks she supervises; but that cogitation never got cogitated. Stepping briskly into an L.A. library in search of research, therefore, we were pleasantly surprised to find our eyes dazzled by something more than the afterimage of the California sun. The part-time librarian who offered informed assistance struck us immediately as Playmate potential, so we approached her about the possibilities of posing. She was, as these pages attest, agreeable, so we herewith present, as an incentive toward reading and education, Miss Virginia Gordon.
Photography by Ron Vogel

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