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1959 Abril Nancy Crawford


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nancy crawford gives new meaning to the old hunting cry

Contrary to popular belief, fox hunting began in America just about the same time it did in Merrie England. The pastime was carried here by early colonists, and these dyed-in-the-leather sportsmen were soon making their cries of encouragement ring resoundingly over the countryside to their hounds. Today, whether they ride to hunt or hunt to ride, fox hunters still aver that the classic chase has few peers for elegant excitement. We're in complete agreement, but we suggest that, along with the master of foxhounds, huntsmen, whippers-in, kennelmen, stablemen, hunting grooms, pad boys, earth-stoppers, et al., the personnel list for any hunt be judged incomplete unless it includes a reynard-router like our April Playmate, nubile Nancy Crawford of Virginia.
Photography by Barbara Kerr and Justin Kerr

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