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1958 Setembro Teri Hope


Saucy Sophomore

a frater's date at a playboy party becomes a college playmate

Playboy formal parties have become an institution at a number of institutions of higher learning across the country. This past year, over 25,000 students and faculty members of both genders attended such shimmering shindigs at Cornell, UCLA, Wisconsin, the U of Florida -- from coast to coast, in fact, and including the exclusive University Club in Chicago. At these poshfests, Playboy is the theme and keynote, the Playboy rabbit is the mascot, Playboy covers and cartoons serve as decorations, and -- not infrequently -- the highlight of the evening is the selection of a university or fraternity Playmate. Not long ago, at Carnegie Tech, the Zeta Chapter of Beta Sigma Rho threw a Playboy formal. From the assembled fraters' prettiest dates, a party Playmate was chosen: she was Carnegie sophomore Natalie (Teri to her friends) Hope. Teri is 19 and a dedicated student of dramatics. Her blue eyes and blonde hair, in conjunction with the even 100 pounds distributed delightfully up and down her petite 5'2" frame, prompted one of the Techmen to submit a snapshot of her to Playboy, along with a letter that asked, "Is there any possibility you might be interested in Teri as a real Playmate of the Month?" The snapshot and letter appeared in our July 1958 issue, followed by our reply, in which we went overboard and admitted there was "more than a possibility." The possibility has become refreshing reality, as you will see when you open the gatefold of this September Playboy.
Photography by Don Bronstein and Mike Shea

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