segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1958 Outubro 2 Pat Sheehan


Le Rouge Et Le Blanc

with women and wine, it's simply a matter of taste

Connoisseurs of the grape tend to be somewhat fickle in their attachments -- on one occasion, they maybe be susceptible to the rich headiness of the red wines, at another time, they may scorn these and turn to the graceful translucency of the whites. Deep-purple port or the blondest of blonde chablis -- the choice of one over another is dependent upon the time, the mood, the circumstances. And so it is with women. One occasion may cry for the companionship of a flaxen-tressed damozel who sparkles and bubbles like fine champagne; another may demand the presence of a darker beauty with auburn locks, a lady as sultry and seething as a rich mulled burgundy. Chacun, as they say à son goût.
The varied virtues of the vine are covered elsewhere in this issue. Uncovered in the center section, and providing aprovocative parallel to le rouge et le blanc of your wine cellar, are West Coast beauties Mara Corday and Pat Sheehan. They share a distinctive honor, unprecedented in Playboy history. They have become the first two Playmates ever to occupy the same issue of the magazine. We don't know about you, but we can't remember the last time we've seen a lovelier pair of ladies back-to-back. Some fellows of rather narrow tastes may favor one to the exclusion of the other. But the true playboy, a connoisseur of both wine and women, will want to savor the unique qualities of both.

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