segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1958 Novembro Joan Staley


The Shapely Miss Staley

a channel charmer in compatible color

You've probably seen Joan Staley on that bluishly-blinking box in your fun room, because she has appeared on Studio One, Perry Mason, Shower of Stars and other TV slots. 21-year-old five-foot-fiver Joan is an American girl with an international upbringing: as the daughter of a Navy chaplain, her traveling couldn't have begun much earlier, for she was born in an airplane high in the clouds between France and Germany. She spent her first year of high school in Chicago; her second year in Washington, D.C.; her third year in Munich; her fourth in Paris. Starting out in the lively arts as a concert violinist, she switched focus to acting and singing and plans to stick with these until fame and fortune accrue in large glittering heaps. Sweet, smart, talented, with eyes of blue and hair of blonde, Joan Staley is a pert Playmate who can drop around and be our own private Late Late Show any night.
Photography by Lawrence Schiller and Ron Vogel

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