segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1958 Fevereiro Cheryl Kubert


Playmate on Skis

miss february schusses her way into our hearts

It is really immaterial whether Cheryl Kubert, the disarming skier you see here, is a snow bunny (beginner) or a schussboomer (terror of the slopes); whether she is given to geländeschprungen (dazzling leaps) or snowplowing (tyro tactics). All that really matters is that she makes the cutest sitzmarks we've seen on any ski slope, a talent which must surely cause kindly old Ullr, Schützpatron der skifahrer (the patron saint of skiers) to look upon her with the same approval as we mere mortals. This seems an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that the correct, original Scandinavian pronunciation of "ski" is she. And what sweeter reminder could you wish for than Cheryl?
Photography by Mario Casilli

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