segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1957 Outubro Colleen Farrington


La Donna È Mobile

miss october's inconstant coif proves again that "women are changeable"

Time was you could make a date with a brunette on Wednesday and, when you picked her up Saturday night, be certain a brunette would be waiting for you. These days, thanks to quickie hair-dyes, your brunette may have metamorphosed into a redhead or a boysenberry blonde. This sign of the times was dramatized for us recently when photographer Peter Basch sent us a test shot of prospective Playmate Colleen Farrington, a New York TV model. We found her a pert, well-turned brunette, and we wired Pete to go ahead by all means. When the first Playmate photos arrived, however, Colleen (having dyed her crowning glory for a TV show) was a blonde. We liked her better the other way, so she obliged by becoming a brunette again and Pete, in a puckish mood, persuaded her to try a temporary head of red, too, in the interest of utter confusion. On these pages, therefore, Colleen is available in three smart decorator colors. Which do you prefer?
Photography by Peter Basch

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