segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1957 Janeiro June Blair


Birthday Girl

june blair celebrates by becoming a playmate

There are many ways one may signalize a birthday, but most of the time-tested cake-and-candle capers are singularly dull. June Blair, an aspiring actress who made her first entrance 23 years ago, decided to mark the anniversary of her natal day by returning to a costume reminiscent of her birthday suit and becoming Playboy's Miss January. Her Playmate pose, accordingly, was photographed on the birthday of the five-foot-five, flame-tressed, smouldering-eyed young lynx. One of the wiser moves of her 23 years, think we, since a certain amount of fame and fortune seem to accrue to the young beauties thus posed in Playboy. It may be remembered that Jayne Mansfield received the nod, first from Hollywood and then Broadway, following her appearance as Playmate of the Month. We wish June real Jayne-type luck in her theatrical career. We also wish her a happy birthday.
Photography by Hal Adams

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