segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1957 Abril Gloria Windsor


Winsome Windsor

a brief encounter over a counter got us a playmate for april

When in the course of human events (which sometimes includes buying a fancy chemise for a dear friend's birthday) we discovered blonde, brown-eyed Gloria Windsor behind the counter of a lingerie shop, we said to her, "Let us take you away from all this." She didn't want to be taken away from all that, though -- she said she liked her job. We explained that we meant to take her away only long enough to shoot a Playmate photograph, something that could be done on her lunch hour. After a brief exchange of coy dialogue which we won't bore you with here, she consented. On the way to the photographer's studio, we found out a few things about her: that she likes to cook, to hike, to bike-ride; that she does not, for a wonder, aspire to a modeling or movie career; that she loves to wolf down big portions of steak and cheesecake and doesn't believe in dieting. We had borrowed, from Gloria's employer, a bit of filmy merchandise, and when we got to the studio she slipped into this and we took the picture. After the session, we took Miss Windsor to lunch (steak and cheesecake) and then escorted her back to the shop, where her employer was tapping an impatient toe and casting significant glances at the clock. But he didn't stay mad very long -- Gloria flashed him a big smile and he was tied up in Windsor knots. So were we.
Photography by Hal Adams

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