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1956 março Marian Stafford


Playboy's TV Playmate

miss march is a human test pattern on color television

This month's Playmate is a little girl with big television aspirations. Her name is Marian Stafford and she packs a lot of woman into 5'3". She wants to be an actress, but so far most of her TV experience has been confined to smiling prettily in commercials for products like Tintair, Pall Mall and Jantzen; she has helped advertise Revlon on The $64,000 Question and RCA Victor on the video version of Our Town. She has had a walk-on in a Kraft Theater production and small speaking parts in two Robert Montgomery shows, but her most unique television experience is as a human test pattern for Max Leibman spectaculars, where she spends hours before NBC color cameras during rehearsals and is never seen by the audience.
Marian is from Texas and a graduate of the University of Houston, with a degree in drama. Her television career began while she was watching The Garroway Show. A camera picked up a shot of the audience and there was Marian, waving to the folks back home. Garroway requested a close-up of the girl and after the show an NBC executive talked with her and arranged a color test. Marian is twenty-two, measures 34"-21"-34" from either end and (if you're really interested in statistics) wears size 4 1/2 shoes. She dates very little, likes quiet men, enjoys riding, swimming, dancing and painting, played the bassoon with a Youth Symphony back in Texas and presently busies herself studying acting at the American Theater Wing. Dog lovers will be excited by the news that she has a poodle named Titanes, after the Greek Goddess of Femininity, and scholars who insist there is no Greek goddess named Titanes should be dismissed as trouble makers.

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