segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

1956 Abril Rusty Fisher


Rusty is a Rustic Gal

miss april is from the hills of colorado

Our tastes rarely run to the rural, being city-bred and all, but when a corn-fed critter as cute as Rusty Fisher comes down the pike, we feel obliged to make an exception. We asked Rusty to give us some biographical data and she scrawled what follows across two large sheets of note paper. We didn't trust ourselves to edit a word:
Hoo-rah far U! Pickin Rusty Fisher far u're gal n Aprul. This here is a reel mountain gal, yes sir. Born n the great state of Colorado 21 years ago. She thin come to thet big citty famus far it's holly trees -- Hollywood! Thar to fight her way to the top n show buzzness. A spekkin of fightin -- she can fight and ride dern near as good as a man (once broke her nose at it -- fightin that is).
Now from what I here -- she's 5 feet 5 1/2 tall -- a 36 here, a 22 thar, and a 35 way down thar (sorta lack a big coke bottle, huh?) She has also bin in several movies and a gob a ordinary magazines and calinders. I also here she jus become Miss MG far '56. She also sings perty and ant a bad dancer nether. Guess we'll all see her more reglar from now on.
April is the traditional month for moving and Rusty is just the sort to help a young man get settled in new quarters, so that's what we've set her to doing as the April playmate.

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